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Growth Groups

Essentials starting in October

Growth groups are midsized groups that focus on building a foundation for spiritual growth. Each Growth Group will be 4 weeks long, and anyone can join to further your spiritual growth and formation. Topics include – bible study methods, essentials of Christian faith, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and Discipleship Training.

Essentials – The story of God is a story of love, creation, brokenness, redemption and hope. God has invited each of us to join His story. Whether you are new to Christianity or you have been a Christian for a long time there are always opportunities to grow a fresh perspective and faith for everyday life. Join us for a new 4-week class called “Essentials” where we will discuss many of the basics of the Christian faith and how they apply to everyday life and relationships.

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Community Groups

Starting September 11th!

Community Groups are the primary place for people to connect to one another at King’s Community. Groups are devoted to building relationships with one another and growing in their spiritual maturity. During these meeting times groups will study scripture based on our current sermon series, pray together and live on mission together. Our groups consist of adults from all ages and stages of life. Kids are welcomed!

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