At King’s Community we believe that bringing God’s story to life happens in the context of community. Established is designed to walk you through what it means to be a Christ-follower, and how the mission, vision, and values of King’s Community help transform us into a gospel speaking, neighbor loving, community transforming people. Once you’ve completed Established you can continue growing closer to God and others through a Community Group.


Established is a 10 week course focused on the rhythms that will form and grow you as a disciple. Established will help you put into practice what Jesus did and discover your purpose and how it fits within God’s greater redemptive plan.

Established sessions begin in September 2019.


We believe that transformation happens in community. Once you’ve completed Established, joining a Community Group is the next step to building relationships, deepening your faith, and impacting the world around you with the love of Jesus. Groups consist of 6-12 people who commit to each other and a common cause. Our current focuses are:

School Partnerships:
Morningside Elementary
Carl Schurz Elementary
New Braunfels Wyldlife and Young Life

Foster and Adoption Care:
New Braunfels Angels
SJRC Texas
Chosen Care