Habits for Holiness

This year at King’s Community we’re going to give special attention to special habits called spiritual disciplines. God loves us where we are. God saves us as we are. But God doesn’t leave us as we are. He’s transforming us into the image of his righteous Son, Jesus. While God is the one transforming us, He invites us to participate in the work.

Spiritual disciplines, or habits for our holiness, are ways we can be intentional about spiritual growth. Every month this year we’ll highlight and focus on one habit and provide practical ways to engage.

The New Year provides a great opportunity to set goals and establish new habits to help us grow in any area of life, including our faith. Set aside time this New Year’s weekend to listen to this short message on the importance of prioritizing our faith, along with some practical tips and tools to help you grow habits for our holiness. There’s also a great tool that you can download here to help apply your faith to everyday life and your relationship with others.

We pray that God will use this short podcast sermon to begin 2020 with a plan to grow closer to God.

Download Habits Resource