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Live on Mission

Community Partners

We believe God’s love is generous, so we’re intentional about showing and sharing God’s generous love with our church community and neighbors. We do this collectively through our Community Partners and our Dream Team, and we encourage showing and telling others about the generous love of God displayed in Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.

Comal County Young Life: Inviting young people to experience life as God designed it to be lived.
New Braunfels Angels: Wrapping community around children, youth, and families experiencing foster care.
Local Schools: Supporting educators and disadvantaged or vulnerable kids.
Asia’s Hope: Guiding God’s people into courageous leadership on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable kids. https://asiashope.or

Dream Teams

Our Dream Teams are groups of devoted team members and leaders who are bringing God’s story to life in meaningful, practical, and creative ways.

Whether they’re welcoming people into gatherings, setting up for events and caring for the facility, discipling the next generation through King’s Kids Ministry, or helping lead facilitate our worship gatherings, these teams are doing the awesome work of ministry for the health and well-being of the church and newcomers.

Dream Teams are a place to serve God and others, learn and use your strengths, grow friendships, and help make disciples

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