Serve the Community

Are you looking for ways to love your community well? We’ve put together a list of resources fo boost your redemptive imagination to love and serve your neighbors.


Make a phone call,
not a text, to someone to listen to how they’re doing and offer positive encouragement.

Make a list of people still working outside the home (this could be people you know or types of jobs) and reach out to them with a call, text, email, or even a hand-written note to thank them for their ongoing service.

Starter List:

  1. police officers
  2. firefighters
  3. EMTs
  4. grocery story workers
  5. medical professionals
  6. pharmacists
  7. school cafeteria workers
  8. military
  9. caregivers
  10. custodians
  11. social workers
  12. manufacturing employees
  13. trash and recycling collectors
  14. delivery drivers

Volunteer with or make a donation to New Braunfels Angels who exist to walk alongside children in the foster care system, as well as their caretakers, by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.

Host a food collection drive drop off at your home for the nearest local food pantry. Utilize the Nextdoor App or simply place a simple sign in the front yard stating when you’d like the food dropped off. Here is a starter list: rice, beans, peanut butter, pasta sauce, pasta, packaged pasta meals, oatmeal, cereal, canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soup, and crackers.

Serve at the New Braunfels Food Bank or make a donation to their work.

Check in on any elderly in the neighborhood. Ring their doorbell, keep a safe distance, and have a short conversation. Be sure to ask, “Do you need anything?”

Call, email, FaceTime, or WhatsApp with a missionary overseas to see how they’re doing and pray for their unique circumstances.