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Dream Teams

King's Kids

King’s kids is a Gospel-centered environment that focuses on bringing God’s story to life in an age appropriate way for babies (6 weeks), preschool, and elementary age children K-5th

We use the Gospel Project Curriculum for Kids to expose our children to the truths of the Bible through stories and missional living.  From the book of Genesis to Revelation, every lesson points our kids back to Christ!  Jesus is weaved into each story of the Bible, allowing children to understand God’s design of one cohesive story of His redemption for all people through Christ. 

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The Connect Team

All people are image bearers of God and all people should be welcomed, loved and treated like family. When you visit King’s Community this team is the first team you see. They’ll show you around and answering any questions you may have! This dream team includes greeters, connecters and kid’s check-in helpers. This team will make you feel at home during our services and help you get connected into the family of King’s Community.

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Facilities Team

The Facilities Team creates a welcoming environment by ensuring that our space is kept clean and well maintained. By making sure restrooms are stocked, garbage cans are emptied and more, this team creates a space where worship can happen without distractions.

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Production Team

This team dedicated to making sure we have a smooth and successful Sunday service. You can find this team on stage guiding the flow of the service, and in the back running slides and sound. On this team you can work with sound, lights, sermon slides, help lead the congregation in worship, read liturgy and any other elements of worship that may occasionally be incorporated. 

No technical experience is required for this team!

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If you still have questions, please email our Next Steps Director, Christina Enfield, at