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Vision and Values

Choosing a new church can be daunting. We all want a place that feels like home, a community in which to become rooted. We also want to make sure that community is a good match. It’s one thing to learn what a particular church is about and where it’s come from. But where is the church going?

At King’s Community, we are a community that exists not merely for itself, but also for our neighborhood and for the city. Our mission, vision, and values offer a glimpse into what is important to us and where we, as a community, have been called to go. We believe that the love of Christ transforms us, and we are delighted to be part of that transformation. We’d love for you to join us.


Our vision is to see lives redeemed, families transformed, communities blessed, and more churches planted.
We’re guided by our Mission, our Motives, and our Map, and we’re driven by Spiritual Formation.


Our mission at King’s Community is to bring God’s story to life.


Give Glory
Life is most fully understood in light of the glory of the triune God which is seen most beautifully in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every second and square inch of life exists by, for and through him. Our greatest endeavor in all we do is to give glory to God.

Share Truth
God’s story, the Bible, is our source of truth. We never graduate from the Bible, but we can always grow in understanding how it applies to our lives, so we share truth whether we’re gathering as a church or going out into our day-to-day lives.

Celebrate Transformation
Jesus changes everything for us. As Christ’s kingdom invades every part of life, and we learn to reorient our lives around him, we will count the change by celebrating both personal and community transformation

Show Compassion
The gospel we celebrate compels us to push back darkness in the world by showing the same love, mercy, grace, and kindness shown to us in Jesus. We seek to echo God’s love for people, putting empathy into action by learning spiritual and felt needs and addressing them.

Gain Equipping
As image bearers of God we’ve all been called to represent God in the world and reflect him to the world. In everything we do we set out to equip the whole person — head, heart, and hands — to do the work of ministry.

Pass the Baton
What we’ve been entrusted with is to be passed along to future generations.

Statement of Affiliation
King’s Community Church  is part of the family of churches and ministries with the EFCA.

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